Azat Galimov - Artist / Designer

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Vinil graphics

Logos, websites, printing, etc.


Photo processing in Photoshop

Tuning cars

The world of Photoshop are endless.
The section presents work of photo montage and processing in Photoshop.
As shown can, if necessary, adjust the photos or completely change it by including your imagination.
Processing can be as bad images and restore old photos. Also preukrasit wedding photo by selecting the background or a bad background. To combine pictures and so on.
One of the types of styling cars. Here are some of my graphic works, which were done for printing on vinyl. Do you have a desire to emphasize the individuality of your car then please contact us.
Develop logos, emblems, paraphernalia, etc.
So do design and build websites.
Outdoor advertising, printing products.
One of the fashion trends in contemporary art - painting auto in the style CARTOONCAR.
You can draw in this style and your auto, car your friend.
A great gift for a birthday or holiday.
You can make a huge Pano, make the coolest clothes, decorate a mug, keychain, etc.
Work with companies which zanimayutsya alteration of car tuning. Also work with individuals to order. Make sketches by hand and computer. You can draw in Photosop your car and the model is to represent as it will look.